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Welcome to the Topnotch Construction Kitchen remodeling resource page. Here you will find a wealth of great information to make your Long Island custom kitchen remodeling project a resounding success.

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Sinks and faucets

Sinks Better Homes and Gardens - Choosing a kitchen sink

Stainless steel timeless beauty with a wide range of choices and options.

Composite Granite. Beautiful, easy to clean and hides dirt and grime. Better Homes and Gardens - About Composite Sinks


Help in choosing a kitchen faucet How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet - Build.com

Moen http://www.moen.com/kitchen-bar/faucets/_/N-686

Delta http://www.deltafaucet.com/kitchen/index.html

Koehler Faucets http://www.us.kohler.com/us/browse/kitchen-kitchen-sink-faucets/_/N-2d8u

Where to buy kitchen faucets and sinks on Long Island.

Blackman http://www.blackman.com/all-locations.html

Greenart http://www.greenartkitchenbathhomefreeport.com/#showroom

Faucet Direct.Com http://www.faucetdirect.com/

Kitchen Hardware Cabinet Knobs & Drawer Pulls

Richelieu Richelieu Hardware Website

Top Knobs Top Knobs Hardware website

Kitchen Appliances.

We don’t supply appliances but we are happy to share some information concerning appliances


Standard depth vs Counter depth. Standard refrigerators stick out about 6 inches past the cabinets but offer more interior space. Counter depth fridges are even with the cabinets and can help where space is confined. Counter depth fridges have less interior space and generally cost more than a standard fridge.

Built-In. For the high end look, nothing beats a built in refrigerator such as those offered by Sub-Zero and other manufacturers. Built in fridges are much more expensive than stand-alone fridges.

Specialty. Wine coolers and ice machines are just some of the specialty refrigerators you can purchase for your kitchen remodeling project.


Fuel. Generally people prefer gas cooktops due to the ability to instantly fine tune the temperature. Meanwhile electric ovens tend to offer a more uniform and consistent temperature for baking and broiling.

Types of Ranges, Stoves and Ovens Ranges come in many different styles. Free standing and slide in ranges are available with gas cook tops and electric ovens. If space permits, a separate cooktop and oven can be a cooks dream. The current trend is toward commercial grade cooking appliances.


Over the range microwaves save space by fitting directly above the range. They usually include venting that should be properly vented to the exterior of the home.

Built in microwaves fit inside a dedicated cabinet. If space permits, this option is a great choice.

Dishwashers. Modern dishwashers are available with a wide range of options and styles. Better dishwashers usually come with a stainless steel interior.

Warming drawers are a great addition to your kitchen. They can be used to keep a meal warm or to help keep food warm until you are ready to serve.

Where to buy Kitchen Appliances on Long Island

Plessers http://www.plessers.com/

PC Richard & Son http://www.pcrichard.com/

Appliance World Huntington http://www.applianceworldny.com/


Proper ventilation is essential and is always done properly when we remodel your Long Island kitchen.

Comfort and Heating

Like any room within your home, the kitchen should be a comfortable draft free space to enjoy.

Proper insulation and air sealing. Keeps your kitchen warm and cozy while mitigating the chances of mold and mildew.

Radiant Floor heating. Nothing says cozy warmth quite like radiant floor heating. As a BPI certified heating expert, you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen remodeling project was done right.

Toe Kick heaters are a cost effective way to allow for heat when there are few other options for traditional baseboard heat or radiators.

Baseboard, radiators and forced air are the standard method for heating homes on Long Island. Often kitchen designs don’t allow enough free wall space to include radiators.


Types of lighting. There are 3 types of lighting in a kitchen

General purpose lighting illuminates the area.

Task lighting specifically illuminates the work area. Task lighting should be bright, easy on the eyes and provide shadow free lighting.

Accent lighting highlights architectural elements in your kitchen and adds the wow factor

High hats are a form of recessed lighting that is commonly used in kitchen remodeling projects.

Pendant lights are typically used over a peninsula or kitchen island. They hang from the ceiling and come in a wide variety of styles.

Under-cabinet lighting adds great architectural detail to your kitchen while also providing great countertop task lighting. Topnotch construction strongly recommends LED under cabinet lighting.


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